Checking for mold at home in unsuspecting places is not always on the homeowner’s radar. But there are additional places that should be checked for mold like the following:

Walls and ceilings. Your walls and ceilings can hide mold without your knowing. Many times the mold is hidden behind the wall so unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to tell if there is more without paying in an expert. You can however pay attention to a few warnings like musty smell. Same condensation on your walls or ceilings. If you see peeling or moist wallpaper you have mold growth under the surface. If you suspect mold growth in the walls your best bet is to hire a professional

Inspect, carpeting, fabric, and upholstery or other areas that are porous and known for collecting mold and promoting mold growth. There are many fabric surfaces prone to mold growth. Couches, curtains, clothing, and towels. Leave any of these things wet for too long and mildew will form.

Carpeting presents another issue entirely. You might not see or smell mold growth on your carpet but it will be lurking underneath the carpet padding. Spills and large leaks should be cleaned up as soon as they happen. And thoroughly dry the area to prevent mold.

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