The number one hazard for children is falling, and the leading cause of injuries at home. It is essential to do something to prevent these injuries. The most important area to childproof in the home are the windows and staircases. Let’s talk about home window safety.

The dangers that can come from a fall are compounded by the height of the fall. So windows represent a great concern for children. There are ways to minimize the risks of injury-related window accidents at home.

First of all, it’s essential to make sure that no furniture is situated in areas that will make it easy for a child to reach and open a window. Children love to climb so there should be no furniture near the window that they could climb on and risk falling.

Installing childproof latches is another way to prevent window falls. Window stops are another recommendation to prevent accidents. Window stops won’t allow the window to be open wider than a specific width. Windows stops are easy to remove by an adult when they need to.

Window guards are also a great option and they can be inserted vertically or horizontally. Window guards allow for the window to still function but ensure that a child is safe. Window safety is so important if children are living in the home. Take time today to childproof your windows and ensure that your child is safe.

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