How is it like being in your backyard? Is it nice and calm or do you feel like you are going to blow away when you set foot outside of the house? Some homeowners can’t enjoy their backyards for all the heavy winds that they experience, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

A method that has been used for centuries to protect a home from the wind is to plant a windbreak. A windbreak is a row of trees in a straight line, blocking wind from the house. For a windbreak to be effective, it needs to be planted about four times the height of your home away from the building. It will then push the wind up and above your home. To work properly, it also needs to be dense foliage that extends as far down toward the ground as possible.

Since this is a long term solution, some have chosen to plant two types of trees. A quick-growing first row of trees for faster relief and a second row of trees that will live longer and give relief after the first row of trees has grown old and died.

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